YARN Resource Management Using Machine Learning

講者: 劉一正 Tony Liu / 趨勢科技 Trend Micro, 技術經理 Staff Engineer
地點:4F – 國際會議廳
講題:YARN Resource Management Using Machine Learning


何利用Machine Lachineing方式,建立叢集運算單元使用模型,預測未來叢集運
算單元使用量,並動態設定MapReduce Scheduler參數,以達到叢集運算單元最

How to maximum the utilization of Hadoop computing power is
the biggest challenge for Hadoop administer. In this talk I
will explain how we use Machine Learning to build the predict
model for the computing power requirements and setting up
the MapReduce scheduler parameters dynamically, to maximum
utilize our Hadoop cluster computing power.


TrendMicro Hadoop / HBase Administer
Big Data consult for TSMC project
Hadoop In Taiwan 2013 speaker - HBase Operation