Log event stream processing in Flink way

講者: 賴宗智 / Quanta Cloud Technology
地點:4F – 國際會議廳
講題: Log event stream processing in Flink way


Logs are one of the most important sources to monitor and reveal some significant events of
interest. In this presentation, we introduced an implementation of log streams processing
architecture based on Apache Flink. With fluentd, different kinds of emitted logs are
collected and sent to Kafka. After having processed  by Flink, we try to build  a dash
board utilizing elasticsearch and kibana for visualization.


術經理,主導 Container 相關技術(如:Mesos, Kubernetes等)的研發工作。經常須面對大量自動化部署的問題及
需求進行研發,故對 CI/CD 有所涉獵並持續學習中。此外也對串流資料處理有濃厚的興趣,正努力學習 Apache Flink
及 Akka。
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